Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Demons Forever by Sarra Cannon

Wow! Alrighty, I first want to start off that the book was supposed to be out early, but Sarra Cannon new it wasnt just ready yet. I have no clue how it was written before she changed and revised but WOW, so glad the months i waited for the final book was WORTH IT. Please, im telling you now, go buy it! I wish the series was on paperback so i can buy them! I am so lucky to have won an ecopy for free thanks to one of her giveaways! Sarra Cannon has such a way with words, describing everything so beautifully, i just want her series to become a tv show or a movie! she deserves it.

Im just blown away how everything was put together so nicely. Nothing seemed out of place. I couldnt help but smile, laugh at what Mrs. Shadowford became because i just thought it was funny somehow, cry towards the end when someone special to Harper passed away, and the ending, THE ENDING, was absolutely just heart warming. I love Jackson and Harper forever<3. I want to say i loved Tuli, Princes Harpers's server, she is too cute and i wish i could know what happened to her after Harper left to go back to Peachville. I was shocked to find out the true nature of Priestess Winter's true identity. All the questions on how the demons and witches came together, what happened to certain people, what happened between her mom and dad, and then the revealing of her half sister, were answered and i was so glad that all the missing pieces, as well as shocking secrets came together. I feel like the series can go on forever, now just from different characters! But im so glad, i dont know if this is a SPOILER alert, but I'll just say someone from the book will have their own story now that Harpers has ended.! I cant wait for that. I hope the story goes on how what happens to other demons gates and who is the High Priestess!!

Im going to list all my all time favorite quotes from the book so if you dont want to read them, in case you think it will ruin anything, GO BUY THE BOOK NOW! and if you havent read any fo the other ones in this series, DO IT NOW! You wont regret it :)
"You're my life now, Harper. We're in this together until the end, for better or for worse."-jackson

"I looked down at the mixture of humans, demons, and hybrids, hope radiating in their eyes. They believed in me. They really thought i was capable of doing something extraordinary." -Harper

"I stepped back and took in my reflection. THis may not have been the person, or demon, I ever expected to be, but this was me. I was a princess."-Harper

"Someday, far in the future, after your father has passed on to the Afterworld, we'll have a child of our own. A son." -Jackson

"This is for every family you've destroyed, every child whose parent you stole. Every dream you crushed beneath the boot of your greed." -Harper

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Runaway by Alycia Linwood

Alrighty, so Runaway by Alycia Linwood is the second book in the Element Preservers series. I have read the first one and i really liked it, but unfortunately the second one, i just was not feeling it. So with me not feeling it, i stopped reading it for awhile and read 9 books before tonight i decided to finish the book. And i am oh so glad i finally finished it.

Ria's two friends, Paula, and Michael, who is her ex boyfriend, go to Ria's fathers work place and try to get down to the business on the magic disease carriers. While Paula and Michael try to find stuff out through books, Ria gets down to the dirty and infilitrates herself with a job given to her from her dad. Which is to get out anything and everything from Adrian, her lover, and who is a magic disease carrier stuck in a cell in one of the buildings. Let me say that Ria is also a magic disease carrier but her father nor mother know about it, because if they did, they most likely would kill her. Ria has an older brother who was sent away and tortured for his disease by his own father, and thus, is secretly hidden, trying to find a way to take down his fathers association.

So while Ria, Paula, and Michael are staying near the heart of the secret society, as i like to call it, they figure out a plan to get Adrian out, which takes up the majority of the story. Then they go to a safe house for a short while and then everyone except Ria leave to go be with her brother and his group to find out more details on what is happening with magic disease carriers.

Although i was not a huge fan of this book as i was to the first one, i do have to say i like the story line. It is something new and refreshing since i cant recall reading anything like it before. The only reason why i wasnt not a major fan was because of Ria, the main character, she did make me aggravated. I felt like she is not paying much attention to everything that is happening besides getting Adrian, saving Adrian, being with Adrian. I felt bad for her friends, but especially Michael because he loved Ria, and she chose to cheat on him with Adrian, multiple times! And i feel like she "tries" to care, but overall really doesnt, and Michael still sticks around! I really hope the next book is better, and more action/secrets revealed. I would be more detailed and such with this review but given that its taken me weeks to finish it, a lot of the things i wanted to say from a moment in a book was forgotten, maybe i will come back to this review and sort it out, but until then...!

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Review: Nightmare by Chelsea M. Cameron

I'd like to start off this post about how it feels like its been forever since a post, but not really, and the fact that i took off time from reading to relax and be with my family. On another note, i have started the Jenny Craig diet, food=expensive, but hopefully it will work out and i will update my progress with it!

Now, for the good stuff, my review on the second book from the Noctalis Chronicles by Chelsea M. Cameron!

Ava did get a little on my nerves on this book. She is too wrapped up with Peter that, yet again, i feel like shes neglecting her friends and especially her mom. Even she said so herself in the book. Although i do understand her need to find a way to be with Peter because once her moms gone, she needs someone to help her through it, and that person for her is Peter. I do like how Peter is becoming less "still" and more human, the way he talks is still cute and weird haha. There is not a lot about Jamie here, but i do like from what was said that home life seems to be a bit better. Tex is still my favorite because of her personality. And i really want something to happen between her and Viktor, which i believe will be good for Ava to have her bestfriend with her, and understand what is going on in her life, paranormal wise.

At one point in the book, i believe Ava's mom called Peter an angel, and then Ava remembers her mom saying something about Angels, afterlife, etc. I cant recall the exact phrase in what was said but what it did make me think of is that maybe Ava's mom thinks Peter is here for her, to take her away when she passes and to help her daugther with the process? That was just my fleeting thought when that moment came.

I can tell that Ava's father is slightly trying, in the sense that he is calling her a nickname he hasnt called her in years, but he still needs improvement.

I was absolutely shocked to find out that Ivan, Peter, and Viktor have another "Brother", and the fact that someone dies in the end, but im still hoping it was just an act because this so person grew on me at the very end! Also, the very end shocked me, it makes me want to buy and read the next book but alas, i have two other books barely read in my nook that i must finish before buying a new one!

To me, the ending was the best part, everything felt kinda slow until that point and i hope that the next book lives up to how the ending was in this one! That is all for now :)

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: Nocturnal by Chelsea Cameron

First off, about a week ago i read My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea Cameron and i loved loved loved it!! Before i decided to read that one, i had the Noctalis Chronicals series on my must read for goodreads, but decided to read my favorite mistake. But anywho, yesturday i started to read Nocturnal, the first book of the series, and i have already finished it today!

I want to say i love the main characters name, Ava-Claire, i have a thing for finding out, what i deem, as cool names. She's a seventeen year old girl who has to not only deal with her two best friends problems, but one or two of her own. The most important thing being her mother dying of cancer. And the other, a boy who looks like an Angel but acts like a Vampire who she meets in a cemetary. Ava has some guts, i for one, would never go to a cemetary, by myself, especially at night. I feel so bad that she has to put a smile on her face for her mom, when she really just wants to curl up to her and cry. Having to lose a mother is terrifying, knowing that one day, she will be gone, and wondering if this is the last time you'll say i love you.

I find that the way Chelsea Cameron wrights, interesting. There are tons of vampire stories and such but the way Peter acts, is different. He doesnt feel emotion anymore, just a blank stare. But meeting Ava is changing, and i find it interesting that she will be his undoing. And i love that you get to read what Peter thinks at times.

Ava's dad; I cant help but to like him but mostly dislike him. I get that he wants the mother to not be upset about anything and etc, and that he is stressed, sad, not wanting to lose her. But he is forgetting that, this is Ava's mother, and Ava wants the best too. The way he yells at her, and react the same way Ava does. Her dads trying to make everyone perfect for the mom, but i feel like, if Ava has to hold everything in, just to not upset her mom like her dad thinks, then thats just going to make things worse. Avas problems could help her mom feel normal, and have something to worry or think about besides the fact she is dying of cancer.

Her two best friends, Tex and Jamie. I love Tex and Ava's relationship, true best friends on how they react. Just like teenagers would. I also like how Ava is able to tell Tex about Peter, unlike other books where the main character has to keep everything a secret, tearing her apart from family and friends. I feel so bad for Jamie and what he is going through, and a little mad/sad that Ava isnt not doing anything to be more there for him, especially when she admits he was there for her constantly when she first told them her mother had cancer. I can only hope in the next book, things work out for him.

Now i am going to start the next book in the series, and i know i'll finish it in a day but i wont be able to post my review for awhile. I will be going to another state for thanksgiving, tomorrow, on thanksgiving day! I will be gone for the time being, not to mention i have work haha.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Allegiance by K.A Tucker

My first review :) So I'll try my best.

Over the weekend I bought and read the book Allegiance by K.A Tucker. This is the third book in the series. The first two books were amazing, and at first i wasnt going to buy the third book right away because it was awhile ago when i read the first two. But the urge to read took over and so here i am with a review. :)

The Characters:
Evie: Evie, Evie, Evie... wanting, trying, to save herself and her friends, trying to not be the helpless human. Keeping a couple of secrets that are making her feel so guilty. She finished one curse to have another. Slowly turning into a yellow eyed killing machine, she must hope for the best in not killing her beloved Caleb, and friends before its too late. All this can put a lot of stress on a girl when a war can break out any moment, especially if certain people find out Veronique is out, in the hands of the evil Senitals.

Sofie: I love Sofie, always testing the Fates and ending up having things happen, with a twist. Trying to save her dear Evangeline from the new curse taking over her body. She cant hear her, and every day senses her changing, afraid of not being able to stop it, and having the weight of everyone relying on her to also stop the pending war. Hoping to get anyone she can on her side because the Senital numbers are growing, and they might be out of luck soon. And Evie is not the only one who keeps secrets, a certain something, or someone, pops back up, and he is here to solely protect Evie from harm, no matter what.

Caden: No matter what, he always will love Evie, even if he can tell she's not telling him something. Trying to calm her down and that today is not the day her touch will hurt him, he tries to be by her side, even when he is jealous that something happened between Evie and Julian.

Amelie: Finally found love again, she will not let him go, or else. Seeing peeks of Amelie's dark jealous side was funny, added some spark to the always sweet girl.

Bishop: Poor Bishop! Afraid of him going back to New York, which would be a death sentence, Sofie puts a spell on him making him basically immoble. Evie sad seeing her friend like this because of his need for revenge for the death of his beloved Fiona, asks Sofie to do something, and so she does. Bishop falls for Evie, and it makes me mad because Evie wanted her friend back, but not at the cost of him liking her and forgetting about Fiona. But in the end, there is a happy ending for Bishop, and he no longer needs revenge, he has what he needed and wanted again. :)

Julian: He was introduced in the last book as the mean boy. After he and Evie were together in a weird Tribe together, they became friends. Evie knows his secret, he has the Senital tattoo, and if anyone finds out, he will be killed on the spot.

Viggo: All i can say about him is that i really dislike him, all the way the villian! He and Mortimer are competing to win Veroniques heart forever.

Mortimer: I loved him in this book. Showing that he has a soft side and why Veronique fell inlove with him over a 100 years ago.

Veronique: Finally out of the stone, she is stuck right in the center of the evil Senital. Not kno9wing where her sister Sofie, Viggo, and Mortimer are, she becomes a target. Being tortured endlessly, she doesnt know what to do. But then she hears someone speaking to her, with her own voice, telling her that no one knows shes out of the stone. Hoping that someone will eventually save her, she waits, having rare information on what is happening from the voice.

Overall: I loved the book, I only put it down when I had to. I have to admit, at times Evie got on my nerves! I think she was naive majority of the time. I wanted her so bad to just tell the secrets she was keepign! I felt like she just didnt want everyone to hate her, and she didnt really care about Veronique and the suffering she was going through. I liked how it switched from Evie, to Sofie speaking. Iw as shocked at some of the events. There are more characters, one "little" vampire girl that was a favorite for me. I cant wait to read the fourth and final book which is coming out in 2013.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The beginning

Finally! I am starting a blog, based on my inner thoughts, random things, but mostly importantly, MY FAVORITE AUTHORS! :) I am an avid reader, i read about, if they are good, 3 to 4 books a week. My money goes to books :) I want to tell the world, or whoever comes upon my blog, what authors they need to add to their list, and give my reviews on books i have read. I hope people enjoy with what i have to say and hopefully, if people love my blog, id like to do giveaways! yay! :)

Also, i do have a goodreads account so i will be linking that up so everyone can also see books ive read ways back.

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