Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Runaway by Alycia Linwood

Alrighty, so Runaway by Alycia Linwood is the second book in the Element Preservers series. I have read the first one and i really liked it, but unfortunately the second one, i just was not feeling it. So with me not feeling it, i stopped reading it for awhile and read 9 books before tonight i decided to finish the book. And i am oh so glad i finally finished it.

Ria's two friends, Paula, and Michael, who is her ex boyfriend, go to Ria's fathers work place and try to get down to the business on the magic disease carriers. While Paula and Michael try to find stuff out through books, Ria gets down to the dirty and infilitrates herself with a job given to her from her dad. Which is to get out anything and everything from Adrian, her lover, and who is a magic disease carrier stuck in a cell in one of the buildings. Let me say that Ria is also a magic disease carrier but her father nor mother know about it, because if they did, they most likely would kill her. Ria has an older brother who was sent away and tortured for his disease by his own father, and thus, is secretly hidden, trying to find a way to take down his fathers association.

So while Ria, Paula, and Michael are staying near the heart of the secret society, as i like to call it, they figure out a plan to get Adrian out, which takes up the majority of the story. Then they go to a safe house for a short while and then everyone except Ria leave to go be with her brother and his group to find out more details on what is happening with magic disease carriers.

Although i was not a huge fan of this book as i was to the first one, i do have to say i like the story line. It is something new and refreshing since i cant recall reading anything like it before. The only reason why i wasnt not a major fan was because of Ria, the main character, she did make me aggravated. I felt like she is not paying much attention to everything that is happening besides getting Adrian, saving Adrian, being with Adrian. I felt bad for her friends, but especially Michael because he loved Ria, and she chose to cheat on him with Adrian, multiple times! And i feel like she "tries" to care, but overall really doesnt, and Michael still sticks around! I really hope the next book is better, and more action/secrets revealed. I would be more detailed and such with this review but given that its taken me weeks to finish it, a lot of the things i wanted to say from a moment in a book was forgotten, maybe i will come back to this review and sort it out, but until then...!

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