Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: Nocturnal by Chelsea Cameron

First off, about a week ago i read My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea Cameron and i loved loved loved it!! Before i decided to read that one, i had the Noctalis Chronicals series on my must read for goodreads, but decided to read my favorite mistake. But anywho, yesturday i started to read Nocturnal, the first book of the series, and i have already finished it today!

I want to say i love the main characters name, Ava-Claire, i have a thing for finding out, what i deem, as cool names. She's a seventeen year old girl who has to not only deal with her two best friends problems, but one or two of her own. The most important thing being her mother dying of cancer. And the other, a boy who looks like an Angel but acts like a Vampire who she meets in a cemetary. Ava has some guts, i for one, would never go to a cemetary, by myself, especially at night. I feel so bad that she has to put a smile on her face for her mom, when she really just wants to curl up to her and cry. Having to lose a mother is terrifying, knowing that one day, she will be gone, and wondering if this is the last time you'll say i love you.

I find that the way Chelsea Cameron wrights, interesting. There are tons of vampire stories and such but the way Peter acts, is different. He doesnt feel emotion anymore, just a blank stare. But meeting Ava is changing, and i find it interesting that she will be his undoing. And i love that you get to read what Peter thinks at times.

Ava's dad; I cant help but to like him but mostly dislike him. I get that he wants the mother to not be upset about anything and etc, and that he is stressed, sad, not wanting to lose her. But he is forgetting that, this is Ava's mother, and Ava wants the best too. The way he yells at her, and react the same way Ava does. Her dads trying to make everyone perfect for the mom, but i feel like, if Ava has to hold everything in, just to not upset her mom like her dad thinks, then thats just going to make things worse. Avas problems could help her mom feel normal, and have something to worry or think about besides the fact she is dying of cancer.

Her two best friends, Tex and Jamie. I love Tex and Ava's relationship, true best friends on how they react. Just like teenagers would. I also like how Ava is able to tell Tex about Peter, unlike other books where the main character has to keep everything a secret, tearing her apart from family and friends. I feel so bad for Jamie and what he is going through, and a little mad/sad that Ava isnt not doing anything to be more there for him, especially when she admits he was there for her constantly when she first told them her mother had cancer. I can only hope in the next book, things work out for him.

Now i am going to start the next book in the series, and i know i'll finish it in a day but i wont be able to post my review for awhile. I will be going to another state for thanksgiving, tomorrow, on thanksgiving day! I will be gone for the time being, not to mention i have work haha.

Keep On Reading!,


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