Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Allegiance by K.A Tucker

My first review :) So I'll try my best.

Over the weekend I bought and read the book Allegiance by K.A Tucker. This is the third book in the series. The first two books were amazing, and at first i wasnt going to buy the third book right away because it was awhile ago when i read the first two. But the urge to read took over and so here i am with a review. :)

The Characters:
Evie: Evie, Evie, Evie... wanting, trying, to save herself and her friends, trying to not be the helpless human. Keeping a couple of secrets that are making her feel so guilty. She finished one curse to have another. Slowly turning into a yellow eyed killing machine, she must hope for the best in not killing her beloved Caleb, and friends before its too late. All this can put a lot of stress on a girl when a war can break out any moment, especially if certain people find out Veronique is out, in the hands of the evil Senitals.

Sofie: I love Sofie, always testing the Fates and ending up having things happen, with a twist. Trying to save her dear Evangeline from the new curse taking over her body. She cant hear her, and every day senses her changing, afraid of not being able to stop it, and having the weight of everyone relying on her to also stop the pending war. Hoping to get anyone she can on her side because the Senital numbers are growing, and they might be out of luck soon. And Evie is not the only one who keeps secrets, a certain something, or someone, pops back up, and he is here to solely protect Evie from harm, no matter what.

Caden: No matter what, he always will love Evie, even if he can tell she's not telling him something. Trying to calm her down and that today is not the day her touch will hurt him, he tries to be by her side, even when he is jealous that something happened between Evie and Julian.

Amelie: Finally found love again, she will not let him go, or else. Seeing peeks of Amelie's dark jealous side was funny, added some spark to the always sweet girl.

Bishop: Poor Bishop! Afraid of him going back to New York, which would be a death sentence, Sofie puts a spell on him making him basically immoble. Evie sad seeing her friend like this because of his need for revenge for the death of his beloved Fiona, asks Sofie to do something, and so she does. Bishop falls for Evie, and it makes me mad because Evie wanted her friend back, but not at the cost of him liking her and forgetting about Fiona. But in the end, there is a happy ending for Bishop, and he no longer needs revenge, he has what he needed and wanted again. :)

Julian: He was introduced in the last book as the mean boy. After he and Evie were together in a weird Tribe together, they became friends. Evie knows his secret, he has the Senital tattoo, and if anyone finds out, he will be killed on the spot.

Viggo: All i can say about him is that i really dislike him, all the way the villian! He and Mortimer are competing to win Veroniques heart forever.

Mortimer: I loved him in this book. Showing that he has a soft side and why Veronique fell inlove with him over a 100 years ago.

Veronique: Finally out of the stone, she is stuck right in the center of the evil Senital. Not kno9wing where her sister Sofie, Viggo, and Mortimer are, she becomes a target. Being tortured endlessly, she doesnt know what to do. But then she hears someone speaking to her, with her own voice, telling her that no one knows shes out of the stone. Hoping that someone will eventually save her, she waits, having rare information on what is happening from the voice.

Overall: I loved the book, I only put it down when I had to. I have to admit, at times Evie got on my nerves! I think she was naive majority of the time. I wanted her so bad to just tell the secrets she was keepign! I felt like she just didnt want everyone to hate her, and she didnt really care about Veronique and the suffering she was going through. I liked how it switched from Evie, to Sofie speaking. Iw as shocked at some of the events. There are more characters, one "little" vampire girl that was a favorite for me. I cant wait to read the fourth and final book which is coming out in 2013.

Keep on reading!


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