Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Nightmare by Chelsea M. Cameron

I'd like to start off this post about how it feels like its been forever since a post, but not really, and the fact that i took off time from reading to relax and be with my family. On another note, i have started the Jenny Craig diet, food=expensive, but hopefully it will work out and i will update my progress with it!

Now, for the good stuff, my review on the second book from the Noctalis Chronicles by Chelsea M. Cameron!

Ava did get a little on my nerves on this book. She is too wrapped up with Peter that, yet again, i feel like shes neglecting her friends and especially her mom. Even she said so herself in the book. Although i do understand her need to find a way to be with Peter because once her moms gone, she needs someone to help her through it, and that person for her is Peter. I do like how Peter is becoming less "still" and more human, the way he talks is still cute and weird haha. There is not a lot about Jamie here, but i do like from what was said that home life seems to be a bit better. Tex is still my favorite because of her personality. And i really want something to happen between her and Viktor, which i believe will be good for Ava to have her bestfriend with her, and understand what is going on in her life, paranormal wise.

At one point in the book, i believe Ava's mom called Peter an angel, and then Ava remembers her mom saying something about Angels, afterlife, etc. I cant recall the exact phrase in what was said but what it did make me think of is that maybe Ava's mom thinks Peter is here for her, to take her away when she passes and to help her daugther with the process? That was just my fleeting thought when that moment came.

I can tell that Ava's father is slightly trying, in the sense that he is calling her a nickname he hasnt called her in years, but he still needs improvement.

I was absolutely shocked to find out that Ivan, Peter, and Viktor have another "Brother", and the fact that someone dies in the end, but im still hoping it was just an act because this so person grew on me at the very end! Also, the very end shocked me, it makes me want to buy and read the next book but alas, i have two other books barely read in my nook that i must finish before buying a new one!

To me, the ending was the best part, everything felt kinda slow until that point and i hope that the next book lives up to how the ending was in this one! That is all for now :)

Keep On Reading!,


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