Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Demons Forever by Sarra Cannon

Wow! Alrighty, I first want to start off that the book was supposed to be out early, but Sarra Cannon new it wasnt just ready yet. I have no clue how it was written before she changed and revised but WOW, so glad the months i waited for the final book was WORTH IT. Please, im telling you now, go buy it! I wish the series was on paperback so i can buy them! I am so lucky to have won an ecopy for free thanks to one of her giveaways! Sarra Cannon has such a way with words, describing everything so beautifully, i just want her series to become a tv show or a movie! she deserves it.

Im just blown away how everything was put together so nicely. Nothing seemed out of place. I couldnt help but smile, laugh at what Mrs. Shadowford became because i just thought it was funny somehow, cry towards the end when someone special to Harper passed away, and the ending, THE ENDING, was absolutely just heart warming. I love Jackson and Harper forever<3. I want to say i loved Tuli, Princes Harpers's server, she is too cute and i wish i could know what happened to her after Harper left to go back to Peachville. I was shocked to find out the true nature of Priestess Winter's true identity. All the questions on how the demons and witches came together, what happened to certain people, what happened between her mom and dad, and then the revealing of her half sister, were answered and i was so glad that all the missing pieces, as well as shocking secrets came together. I feel like the series can go on forever, now just from different characters! But im so glad, i dont know if this is a SPOILER alert, but I'll just say someone from the book will have their own story now that Harpers has ended.! I cant wait for that. I hope the story goes on how what happens to other demons gates and who is the High Priestess!!

Im going to list all my all time favorite quotes from the book so if you dont want to read them, in case you think it will ruin anything, GO BUY THE BOOK NOW! and if you havent read any fo the other ones in this series, DO IT NOW! You wont regret it :)
"You're my life now, Harper. We're in this together until the end, for better or for worse."-jackson

"I looked down at the mixture of humans, demons, and hybrids, hope radiating in their eyes. They believed in me. They really thought i was capable of doing something extraordinary." -Harper

"I stepped back and took in my reflection. THis may not have been the person, or demon, I ever expected to be, but this was me. I was a princess."-Harper

"Someday, far in the future, after your father has passed on to the Afterworld, we'll have a child of our own. A son." -Jackson

"This is for every family you've destroyed, every child whose parent you stole. Every dream you crushed beneath the boot of your greed." -Harper

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